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New Delhi Public School, Vikaspuri, Delhi boasts of its academic environment which has been designed to enhance the teaching-learning process. The school envisions to carve out the intellect of the students by providing them ample opportunities which aim to build and nurture a community of thinkers who are committed to living with responsibility.

The array of facilities to help them achieve their skills with maximum potential in co-curricular activities.


When we hear the word ‘classroom’, the first things we think about are teachers, blackboards, chalk, and duster. But today, technology has surpassed our imagination of the classroom.

During the pandemic, we have seen a noticeable increase in educational standards, advancements and innovations in the field of education. Schools and other educational institutions have adopted modern teaching methods through virtual whiteboards, projectors and other audio/visual components. All these elements of a smart class make learning fun and interesting for the students and enable teachers to teach effectively.

Advantages of Smart Classroom

Here is a list of some major benefits of using smart classroom technology:

  • Enhanced Learning Experience
  • Interactive Learning Experiene
  • Easy Access to Online Resources 
  • Time Saving Technology
  • Eco Friendly
  • Increased Productivity
  • Highly Effective
  • Motivate Students

The conference room on the ground floor is a specially furnished room where all important meetings, management meetings, welcoming of parents and guests take place.

A separate Games Room area provides a safe atmosphere for our young students. Soft play areas and equipment provide a variety of activities for the students to be occupied.

The Indoor playground at HCS comprises of various play equipment’s for the students. This room is specifically designed for Indoor Games like Carrom, Chess, Mind Games (puzzles, crosswords, building blocks) etc as these games have an important role to play in the growth and development of the mind and the body. Such indoor games in School teach the importance of sportsman spirit, obeying rules and regulations and hard-work. It also helps in developing attributes such as responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, discipline and accountability.

New Delhi Public School aims at developing scholastic personalities and imparting knowledge to maximise, optimize skills and competencies as a part of including setup we ensure that students that the children with special needs are facilitated into the regular classroom with assistance from school counsellor and special educator. A child with disabilities is given ample opportunities for harnessing his or her hidden talent and optimising the existing abilities. We believe that a child with disability is not one with lack of ability but lack of tapping off their ability.

Well-Equipped with LED, DVD, Music System, Projector with adequate seating arrangements, various board games, newspaper and periodicals.

This houses a large and rich collection of fiction & non-fiction books and periodicals from Indian as well as foreign publishers. There is also a dedicated story telling area to encourage younger students to visit the library and hone their listening, comprehension, and observational skills while enjoying their favourite stories being narrated.

‘Reading adds newer dimensions to the body of knowledge’. We at HCS Uttam Nagar, believe in inculcating a reading culture that enhances and compliments the education system. Books that capture the imagination of students, reconfirm their facts and open newer doors of intellect are carefully chosen and made available to the students. We have some avid readers here who have even become a part of the Book Club, that’s an offshoot of healthy reading.
Books on varied subjects are available here.
Reference Books and Magazines keep the students abreast with all that’s happening around. Students are encouraged to give their suggestion about the kind of books they would like in the library, and our librarians do their bit to carry their suggestions further.

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