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Principal's Message

A school is known by its pupils who become the living proof of the kind of values it inculcates in them more than what they had learnt in their academic subjects. The latter is a function of several inputs and class room instruction is just one of them the academic rigour, evaluation, feedback and corrective actions are all in-built in the pedagogy but the final outcome is the consequence of the individual efforts intelligence and circumstances. We at New Delhi Public school are conscious of our responsibility towards our students, parents, our society, nation and this world. The curriculum-oriented teaching will always remain the main stay and a primary function of the school. The challenge, however, is to enrich academic learning with a right mix of universal human values, development of intellectual curiosity and a scientific outlook among the students. That is where our school has been trying to make a serious effort for the past few years. It is not a one day task. It is a long-drawn process, more so when the prevalent system in the country suffers from a heavy academic bias.

A word about academic performance would be in place here. In the past few years there has been a marked improvement in the academic scores at all levels. Things will improve further. In sports arena and in extra-curricular activities our students have always been in the forefront. One of the vital resources in a school are its teachers. The school management takes greater care in selection of teachers who shares the same values as espoused by our school. Teacher at NDPS are respective subject experts and take teaching more as a mission rather than vocation. It is this attitude that has become the hallmark of all our faculty resource persons. In the final reckoning, New Delhi Public School is a school with a difference. And it is gearing itself to make major improvements in all the aspects of its functioning. What we need is a whole hearted cooperation of parents and students.

We at NDPS believe that cooperation of parents and a total devotion of students to the teacher-facilitated goal of a balanced all round development in all the four dimensions of human personality (intellectual, physical, aesthetic and ethical) are the essential requirement for a sustainable success of any school system.

I take this opportunity to welcome you to our school. By enrolling in our school, you are handing over us a great responsibility and I assure we are fully geared to take the child to and exhilarating learning odyssey that will turn him/her into a knowledgeable and responsible citizen of India and this world.

Chairman's Message

Individual difference in children’s grasping abilities and iq levels are natural. The school facilitates the weak to overcome their inefficiencies.
Even in the so called best schools in the country, only a small percentage of students are top scorers, majority being either average or just above or below the average level of performance.Brilliance is not common though mediocrity as we at ndps consider it a responsibility of the school to create an environment conducive to an uninhabbited learning.
The school management has the primary role of creating the context with a pupil friendly philosophy. The school leadership actualises this philosophy into a value system that is shared and appreciated by all teachers and the supporting staff.I can vouch for our school,the ndps.The school is on its path to become a quality school, a temple of learning and enlightenment upholding our ancient ‘guru-shishya parampara’.A true guru is one who shows the right path to her / his disciple to reach the elevated goal of self actualisation of disciple’s true potential.
I welcome you to our school and wish you an enriching experience full of learning and enlightenment.

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