Schools being the primal social institutions have the greatest social responsibility to shoulder. Because it is in schools that foundation for future human enterprise is laid in the young minds. This calls for a holistic approach towards imparting instructions to young pupils in not merely the academic subjects alone but also the whole discipline of man to man, and to nature interactions.

The first responsibility therefore is that of the schools in the country to develop today’s children into tomorrow’s citizens who are self aware and responsible good human beings. And it is on this score that a real action is needed at a national scale if we were to obliterate most of the ills and evils afflicting our society today. Children are the real gold-the most precious resource of any country. It is for the teachers in a school system to put this gold to a test of fire-the extreme but regulated heat of disciplined learning, a regimen of practice, and mould it into a form that would fit the present and future needs of our society and humanity at large. Regulation of this is a must and key learning’s need to be tested, tried and reinforced. It would be a tall order to achieve and calls for putting the teachers to Gold’s test of fire first, Teachers as role models first need to be oriented into an incessant and disciplined regimen of learning for themselves in order for them to be effective.

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