Pre-Primary Section of the school is a small heaven illuminated with the radiance and the beauty of the twinkling stars who enter the institution with dreams in their eyes and aspirations in their hearts. The children are introduced to a gamut of activities that develop the physical, cognitive, emotional, social multifaceted, child-centered and play way approach laced with the objective of grooming the character and personality of the child. The section has a splash pool, sand-pit, swings, a play field, a computer centre, an activity room and an audio-visual room. Interaction with parents is a regular feature. Spoken English is emphasized upon and elocution periods are allocated to enhance the students’ oral skills and enrich their vocabulary.


When the child first enters the school, he/she is provided with a friendly environment, which makes it easier for him/her to adjust to school. The focus of the teacher is to give personal attention to child in order to make learning an enjoyable experience. This makes it easier for the child to place his/her trust in the teacher who in turn, can then provide a more holistic and creative approach in molding the young minds for the future. The text book are carefully chosen and the curriculum is systematically prepared keeping in mind the all round development, inherent skills and mental ability of each child so as to enable him/her to understand the concept and develop the necessary skills needed for future life. The methodology of teaching lays emphasis on “Activity Based Learning”. The child is given grades and not marks, which is in keeping with the directives issued by CBSE.


The school follows the guidelines and curriculum as prescribed by CBSE and NCERT. The curriculum is designed and sub-divided in a manner that it becomes user-friendly and easier for the students to understand and comprehend the subject matter without the feeling of stress and tension. Besides academics, the students are given lessons in value education. The focus is on the development of whole person, as we firmly believe in inherent potentials of every student. The school provides a facilitating environment for the young minds. Lessons are made interesting through group discussions, workshops, project work, slide shows, LCD display, computer aided modules, evaluation visits and orientation programmes. Participation in inter-school and intra-school competition is encouraged. Well equipped laboratories provide an environment to the students to learn by doing. Teaching-learning is made effective by encouraging students to make presentations on various topics in class whereby they gather information on various sources such as internet, newspaper, journals, life experiences, etc. To encourage team spirit among the students projects and activities are given in groups.

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